YouTube creators received new updates this week, revealing a variety of new features aimed at enhancing channels’ audience interaction and video performance analysis.

Comments reply on Youtube Shorts

An update from YouTube is set to change the way creators respond to comments on Shorts. Instead of just being featured in comments, Shorts will now be integrated as replies within the comments feed.

With this modification, viewers now have the chance to view the original short or long-form video that a comment was made on, opening up a fresh avenue for channels to interact with their audience and repurpose comments as content.

Initially, the update will roll out to iOS creators this week, with an Android release scheduled for the next few months.

Data Stories

Aside from the recent comment functionality, YouTube is also introducing “Data Stories” for posts, which are cards within YouTube Studio analytics that simplify intricate channel performance topics into manageable pieces of information. By utilizing these new data stories, creators can acquire a deeper comprehension of how their posts are received by their audience.

YouTube is implementing a new feature that permits subscribers to become paid members of a channel directly from the Shorts feed. As a result, viewers using Android and iOS devices to view the Shorts feed will be able to see the join button, which will enable more subscribers to support their favorite creators through channel memberships.

Sum Up

YouTube’s most recent updates offer several advantages to creators. The modification to comment replies using Shorts provides creators with another avenue to interact with their viewers. Furthermore, it enables them to increase their content output by converting comments from their most engaged followers into fresh content.

Additionally, the introduction of data stories to YouTube analytics helps creators gain a better understanding of their channel’s performance. By simplifying complex topics into easily digestible information, creators can rapidly pinpoint areas for improvement and optimize their channel’s performance accordingly.

Moreover, the ability for subscribers to become channel members directly from the Shorts feed streamlines the monetization process for creators and allows them to earn a sustainable income from their YouTube content.