As a startup, you know there are more than enough things for any venture to stay relevant and gain traction. It can be hard to decide which content strategy to pick because so many options exist! But these days, every tech-based company is starting with social media and blogging, even if they don’t seem like they have something unique! Want to know how some of the best content marketing strategies for startups from all over the world? We’ve compiled a list of the best content marketing strategies for startups. Read on to discover what they are and why they’re so helpful.

Here are seven powerful content marketing strategies for startups from around the world:

1). A “Content Creator” Blog Post

This approach is simple but effective and easy. To start, find out what’s on your mind. You may be looking for inspiration or a quick answer to a question that has been bugging you for months. Whatever it is, write down your thoughts and share them with us. Your readers will appreciate the thoughtful, well-researched answers to common questions about topics you’re passionate about and can quickly answer.

You could also create a dedicated blog to answer various industry topics or niche-related questions about specific products or services. But, again, keep it short and sweet, and make sure your post stays consistent with a lengthy essay. This article, for example, is very long (if you’ll excuse me, I already wrote another blog that was a lot more insightful). The point is to keep it brief, informative, and engaging for your reader. 

Here’s an example of what type of blog posts you might want to start with when you’re new to writing posts for startups:

  • How to Use Product Hunt to Optimize SEO for Mobile Devices
  • The Top 5 SEO Tips Every Startup Should Implement
  • Top 6 Important Things That Founders Do Differently Than Tech Founders

2). Writing An Effective Newsletter

Another excellent option for growing your subscriber base is by publishing regular newsletters. Not only do they help you build awareness and get people interested in what you do, but you also give them valuable advice and insights into your work and brand. Remember how important it is to be able to communicate through writing and have great storytelling skills? This helps you connect with your audience. Whether you’re covering news about a product launch or discussing upcoming events, creating a newsletter should always be part of your overall content marketing strategy. 

3). Create Inbound Webinars On Platforms

Building an audience would be impossible without considering interviews, research, and analytics, right? Fortunately, the webinar industry is thriving, and now you can bring some ease to your job by taking our free email course! First, learn more about how to use platforms to grow your reach and influence. Then go ahead and sign up on a platform like Google Meet or Quizlet to see how you can get real-time feedback from users via video conferencing software such as Zoom. These interviews are often conducted life, so they get better results and higher engagement. 

4. Publishing Longform Articles Online

This strategy works particularly well for those who run small businesses, especially those primarily focused on helping other smaller companies grow. For example, instead of constantly being bombarded with articles on Twitter or Facebook about trends or recent developments, you could concentrate on producing longer-form pieces about your company, such as books, case studies, whitepapers, or anything related to your business. Think about it – how can you generate more content like this? 

By making content easily accessible for entrepreneurs around the globe because there are plenty of opportunities to publish and share exciting information with thousands, if not millions, of followers. All it takes – write a short article about your company’s mission statement, highlight critical features for potential clients, or what attracted you to the topic of interest. Another alternative strategy could be to publish a series of blogs that discuss each company’s core values and mission. Once again, remember what we said – consistency is one of the keys to success as a content creator. And once you’ve created a blog, you can start writing additional articles to help drive traffic to your leading site. 

Always ask yourself – what is the purpose of my website or web page? Is it informational content about what’s happening within your organization? Or maybe it’s geared toward generating leads and selling? Just add value for your end user. Don’t worry too much about the numbers and figures – everything they say is just a number that means nothing unless you’re talking specifically to someone in person.

5. Write eBooks

We’ve gotten to thinking for ourselves here and started brainstorming different possibilities for the future – and you can thank us later, huh? One possible solution could be to become a self-publishing author. There is a broad market for authors and publishers with an abundance of book ideas online. Even if you’re not looking to sell, publishing a book is a great thing to do for promotion – especially when you have your website with hundreds of backlinks pointing to your primary website. What could be more significant than spreading our knowledge through the written word? 

It’s no secret that content creation is crucial for growing a business and learning how to network to stand out from a sea of competitors. Plus, it can be pretty damn expensive. However, since you’ve already earned the title of being a professional writer/educator, why not leverage this strength and turn it into profit? Why spend money buying courses or courses that you need to learn how to apply? Instead, take a deep dive into how you can become a successful publisher of ebooks. 

After setting up a publication platform for publishing your first draft: here are a couple of examples about writing eBooks for startups: 

  • Guide to Self-Publishing a Book for Beginners
  • How to Become an Author in Under 2 Months Using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

6. Hosted Events And Promotions

The concept of hosting offline events for your community of business owners is great! These would be seminars or workshops that teach attendees about new technology tools, tips or tricks, or whatever they want to know or solve. Again, the goal is to help these audiences stay engaged and not feel lonely in today’s high-tech era. Ensure you have access to good microphones and lighting equipment (remember to buy lights and speakers) and that everyone wears appropriate attire. 

These events and promotions are sometimes an amazing opportunity to connect with potential new customers. Furthermore, they’re affordable and usually cost-effective if you opt for the physical attendance of the event rather than just watching a presentation, as many people prefer.

7. Create Social Media Communities

Finally, consider establishing a community across multiple social networks and promoting it through your established channels. We see a lot of big brands that have tried this approach to advertise their respective communities – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest – through sponsored posts. In addition, they’ll typically publish links to their official websites containing info about the event or sponsor and details about the sponsorship program and terms and conditions. 

Let’s imagine a scenario where someone creates an account on Tinder and goes straight for the Kink. It’s a great place to advertise your brand, but there are a ton of resources to choose from. Which one do you prefer? Be as creative and detailed as possible, and stick to your chosen social networks. People love to follow popular accounts and brands about interesting, useful stuff.

So, if you are thinking of launching a startup, we’d recommend researching some of the content marketing strategies mentioned above and using all of them to strengthen your efforts. Especially as we’re seeing more and more startups joining the world of digital marketing, do remember that there are limits to growth and expansion. Always strive for excellence, and you’ll be rewarded.